Top 10 Reasons to Get Off My Lazy Butt and Work Out

Top 10 Reasons to WorkoutI’ve been struggling to motivate myself to work out lately. I was a little too indulgent over the holidays and a lot too sedentary. So—shockingly—I’ve been feeling a little “blah!” There’s no other word for it. Unless it’s blech, gross or yucko. Right now momentum is working against me—the whole “an object at rest, stays at rest.” But I hope these reasons give me the push to get off my lazy, um, … momentum that I need.

  1. All those clothes that “shrank in the wash” will fit again.
  2. It’s an excuse to blow off housework. I don’t actually want to clean the toilets or do yet another load of laundry, so why not work out instead? And my husband might not even realize I’m procrastinating.
  3. Working out is a great pick-me-up. And it’s sugar- and caffeine-free to boot.
  4. Watching The Daily Show doesn’t burn calories. Even the lamest workout burns more calories than I would have while cuddled up on the couch with Jon Stewart.
  5. Exercising banishes the blues, so I’m not as tired, grumpy or moody. For that reason alone, my family would probably be willing to throw me a ticker tape parade every time I work out.
  6. No push-ups, no Pop Tarts. Okay, Pop Tarts aren’t actually my dessert of choice, but you get the point. Eating healthfully is important. But when I don’t exercise, I have to eat a whole LOT better. And who wants that. ☺
  7. Energy is renewable resource—at least when it comes to humans. It may feel like working out takes energy, but it actually gives energy. Whining that “I’m so tired,” won’t make me more feel peppy, but putting on some spandex and sweating will.
  8. I never want to wear Mom jeans. Ever.
  9. A workout a day keeps the doctor away. I’m paraphrasing, but exercising will help stave off such medical conditions as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, and the list goes on.
  10. And the best reason for working out: just 138 days until summer!

What’s your top reason for working out?

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